Mixing & Mastering

How to get your track mixed or mastered by Restrained

  1. Fill in the contact form
  2. Send your track with -6 DB headroom .wav 24BIT
  3. Send in with a dropbox link or WeTransfer

Pricing and features (2024)

Phase 1: Mastering for €75,- (kicks stem and rest max 2 stems)
1 or 2 wave mastering

Phase 1.5: Mastering for €105,-
– 4 stems (Kicks, Leads, Vocals, others)

Phase 2: Stem Mastering between €150 and €200
– Up to 10 stems

Phase 3: Mix mastering between €200 and €350
– Up to 20 stems
– Lead layering
– Reverbs and delays
– Special processing

Phase 4: Mix mastering between €350 and €750
– All stems
– All processing
– Leads, screeches, percussion, vocals and important other elements could be delivered dry

Phase 5: Special customized Mix Mastering including sounddesign (kicks, leads), arrangement tweaks to make it more professional and release-worthy. Starting at €750,-

All prices are ex. 21% VAT!

After the delivery, you have one week to give feedback on the mastering. Max. one revision each master.




“Excellent mastering. Quick and sharp with handling feedback too. No doubt one of the best in the game.”


“Terence weet wat hij doet en zal je daarom niet teleurstellen. Ik ben zeker tevreden over de mastering service. Hij luistert naar wat jouw mening is en jouw visie over je track, wat voor mij heel belangrijk is voor de laatste procedure van m’n tracks!”

Broken Minds

“Restrained has a perfect ear to deliver top quality mix and master, he is one of the few artists we trust our music, he is super quick and easy to communicate with”

Dr. Rude 

Mastering is altijd on point! Heel erg blij met de snelheid en kwaliteit van de service. Mijn go to spot for sure!

Joey Riot (DT)

He’s defo one of the best in Harder styles. As a mastering engineer myself I know what I need from a master of my own productions and having someone with such a keen ear and amazing skill set to give my music a fresh perspective to get then maximum results, then this is your guy! Trust me, I have 20 years experience in this game and De Jong Music is who you should be talking too. Add to that, the amazing value for money and ease of communication then seriously, look no further.

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